AC Cars

AC Cars is a British automobile manufacturer and one of the oldest independent automobile makers in the UK.

Early History Edit

The first car from what would eventually come from AC was a touring car represented at the 1903 Crystal Palace auto show. After the auto show, AC continue to produce cars. The first production car made by AC was the AC 10, however after that AC Cars were bought by other companies and sold in a year or two. The company went through liquidation.

Later History Edit

After going through WWII without making any cars, the company started to finally make cars again. The first car produced during this time was the AC Invacar. Later in the 1950s, the AC Ace was created, this car was the predecessor and the base of the legendary AC Cobra 427, which would go on to become one of the bestselling sport muscle cars of the 1960s.

After the Cobra stopped production, other grand tourers like the AC Frua and the AC 3000ME were made by the company, but those models weren't as successful as the AC Cobra 427.

Present day Edit

Today, the company doesn't produce any permanent vehicles even though it still exists; however the company produced a limited edition of the AC Cobra 427 in 2012 to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

In TDU2 Edit

The AC Cobra 427 was produced by AC Cars.