Chase Mode is a challenge mode in Test Drive Unlimited 2.

As an OutlawEdit

If you ram a cop enough times, your traffic offenses will go up, and eventually they will chase you down. If several players are nearby, they will become police officers, and attempt to arrest you. If you manage to evade them and survive 2 and a half minutes, Your skill as an outlaw in chase mode will go up.

As a Police officerEdit

If someone nearby rams a cop enough times, You will get a call from the police. When answered, They will ask you if you want to help chase down the offender as a police officer.
TDU2- police chases

TDU2- police chases

As a Police Officer

What Happens during a Chase Edit

The cops are trying to bust a outlaw by 3 strategies. Charged EMP, Roadblock and Helicopter. EMP is a anti electric which can slow down outlaws if staying close to him. Roadblocks are also a strategy. They are dangerous as if you crash into a block, you won't be able to escape. The helicopter is only sent when you go off road. The outlaw has about 15 seconds to get back onto the road, otherwise, he/she will get busted even if a police car is not near.